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5 Ways to Cover Patio Doors

One of the most common questions we receive is how to cover a patio door or sliding glass door. Our clients always mention how tricky it is to find the perfect way to maintain functionality while getting just the right style of treatment for the room.

Well, lucky you, we have some solutions! Our five favorite ways to be exact.

1. Woven or Natural Vertical Draperies

Designers are loving these lately. They offer a down-to-earth, soft and attractive look in one’s home. This shade can be transformed from a horizontal shade into a lovely, natural looking covering for your patio door. Since these shades are available in so many colors and materials and there are options for light filtering and blackout linings, you can let your designing imagination run wild!

Woven Shades      Woven Averte and natural shades

2. Vertical Sheers

These are the best substitute for the standard vertical blinds that you see on many sliding doors. Vertical sheers can provide an updated, fresh look to your room! They also come in so many colors and options. See below for some wonderful examples of these gems.

vertical sheers          

3. honeycomb shades

What do we love most about these? Well, it is hard to say! The fact that there are no cords, wands or strings; you just use a tab to open and close them. They are one our most popular options for patio doors. They also come in tons of color and fabric choices and, as most of our products, come with options for black-out or light filtering. You can mix and match like the room shown below to coordinate with honeycomb shades on your windows as well! Wow, these are so versatile!


4. shutters

One of the more unknown facts about shutters is the increase the value of your hone! They continue to be a popular choice for redecorating in the past few years. There are two options for using shutters on your patio doors.

      1. bi-fold shutters

 shutters bifold


      2. bypass shutters


5. sliding panels

For us, this product is our top pick out of all of these options. The sliding panels are easy to operate, come in so many choices of materials and colors. Just like most of our window treatments, the sliding panels also have light filtering or room darkening options. These panels come in varying widths and you can even coordinate with our other products like solar, roller or natural shades! Sliding panels provide a sharp, contemporary look with functionality.

sliding solar panels

Alta panel track

Solar panel track and solar shade











Well, that’s all for now! We hope to hear from you soon to book your free in-home consultation! Tell us your challenge and we will provide an beautiful and affordable solution!