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5 Point Value System
Value is King

The 5-Point Value System

Everyone knows that value is king when it comes to buying… well… anything. We can’t just say there’s value to a product unless there really IS value. If there’s one thing we know here in Chicago-land is that we want our money’s worth on everything!

Take window coverings, for example. Every window needs some kind of treatment. Whether it’s blinds, shades, shutters, or even draperies, you can get them about anywhere. But what’s so special about Made in the Shade?


Let’s get to the point —five points, that is.

value is king

Five points to shoot for the star — of real, honest-to-goodness value.

What do you get when you buy from Made in the Shade?

  1. Quality: Every single product we sell is made of top-notch materials by the best and most experienced window covering companies in the world. We sell the best because they make the best.
  2. Customization: Just because every window needs to be covered doesn’t mean you should do what everyone else does. Make each window yours — dare to be different. We make it easy!
  3. Service: We back up every sale with service. Our goal is to provide stellar care after the sale because every client is a story, and we want your story to be as amazing as your window coverings.
  4. Warranty: Everything we sell has a limited lifetime warranty. So not only will we back up our own sales with service down the road, we work with manufacturers that back up everything they make. This is peace of mind like no other.
  5. Price: We all know that price doesn’t always equal value, but when we back it up with the best products and the best warranties in the business, we’re offering great value at a great price. Guaranteed.

Sure, you could get a blind for a few bucks at a local big-box store. But once again, price does not always equal value. We offer some of the best quality products available at a great price, plus every bit of the value-added goodness listed above.

When you’re ready to see just what we have to offer at Made in the Shade, and take advantage of the genuine value that our products offer, give Meysoon a call right now at (708) 334-3747 or sign up right now for your FREE in-home consultation!

When it comes to genuine value on the best window coverings in the business, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!