Trend Watch 2017: Stylish Shutters

Along with metallic elements and a push away from neutrals, one of the interior design trends for 2017 that made it past the prediction stage of late 2016 and into actual popularity is the humble shutter. Leading mags from House Beautiful to Elle Decor have praised the style, flexibility, and value of shutters since at least 2016, but we’ve been in love with these sturdy showstoppers for much, much longer.

Take a look at a few of the benefits of making shutters part of your home’s window treatment scene for 2017—and beyond.

The Value of Versatility

In addition to giving you powerful privacy when desired, shutters let you stream in the sunshine on demand, making them a welcome addition in everything from meditation rooms to living rooms to bedrooms. They’re also rather versatile when it comes to handling energy gain and loss; the U.S. Department of Energy found that shutters (interior and exterior) can help homeowners tame and reclaim the estimated 40% of energy gain/loss that occurs through a home’s windows. Used in tandem with shades, curtains, and blinds, shutters can save you serious money on your energy bills by reducing heat loss in the winter (and allowing for heat gain) while blocking out unwanted light and heat during the summer.

But the truly unique value that shutters add to your residence is a significant boost to your home’s value. Unlike other window treatments, shutters are considered a fixed part of your home, rather than a temporary addition. Installing shutters can also provide the more difficult to quantify (but equally important) benefit of increasing curb appeal – a key consideration if you’re planning to sell in the future.

Easy Cleaning

One of the challenges that can accompany fabric window treatments is cleaning them. Sturdy, non-porous, and available in a variety of materials (including both natural wood and water-resistant synthetics), shutters don’t absorb dust, and need only a quick wipe to clean. If you or someone in your home is an allergy sufferer, shutters can be a true blessing, particularly in spring and summer when pollen is flying. And that goes double for pet owners, who can wipe away stray hairs and pet dander without worrying their windows have become a magnet for mustiness.

Shutters Put Safety First

If you have children or pets, shutters can give you the privacy and light/energy management you need without the worries of strings or pulls that can be all too attractive to little hands or furry friends. And because they’re strong and built to last, they offer significantly more protection from incidental damage than softer treatments.

Are you ready to make shutters part of your home decor refresh this summer? There’s no time like the present to make a quick call to your friendly neighborhood window treatment experts. The Made in the Shade team can help you decide on the ideal combination of shutters, shades, blinds, and curtains to create a winning window treatment solution designed to light up your rooms without having to shutter your bank account.