Chicago motorization

The Magic of Motion

Like a lot of Chicagolanders, you’re probably accustomed to juggling a busy schedule with the demands of family and home. And while the way in which you adjust your window treatments might not seem like a major time and money investment, the surprising truth is that making the move to motorized blinds, shades, and draperies can save you some serious time and money while adding major convenience and comfort.

We’ve put together an overview of the benefits of motorized window treatments to give you an insider’s look at how they can move you and your home to a new level of energy efficiency and style.

Light and Climate Management at Your Fingertips

Having just the right mix of shades, blinds, shutters, and drapes can be a wonderful thing. Being able to control how much light enters (or how much energy enters and leaves) your home is of course a substantial benefit, and doing it in style with your favorite fabrics and materials is the icing on the proverbial cake.

Now imagine you could set up your window treatments for one-touch—or even no-touch—control.

One of the most compelling things about motorization for window treatments is this convenience. Switches, remotes, and sensors can be used to create the ideal blend of fabulousness and functionality, while saving you from having to manually adjust your window treatments with every change of the weather. Consider these convenient options that become available when you motorize your window treatments:

  • Whole-room control Motorized shades, blinds, and drapes make it easy to adjust all the windows in an entire room at the touch of a single button.
  • No more struggling with hard-to-reach windows Windows that are oddly positioned, or simply too high to reach without assistance, are now as easy to adjust as ones at ground level.
  • Go green, save green With solar sensors and timers, you can set your window treatments to respond to sunlight and weather conditions in real time, closing to shut out excessive heat and light in the summer and opening wide to capture much-needed natural light and warmth in the winter. You’ll not only have a more comfortable home environment, but you’ll also save money on your utility bills by managing your home’s energy loss and gain.

Privacy Plus

Motorized blinds, shades, and drapes give you greater privacy by allowing for remote closing of windows leading to sensitive areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Wouldn’t it be nice to push a button and shut all the windows in your bathroom before you head in for a relaxing shower, or close your bedroom to light and prying eyes at bedtime?

Safety and Comfort for the Whole Family

Your home is your refuge; a safe and comforting place away from the madness of the world. Motorized window treatments help foster a comfortable and safe home environment by giving you the ability not just to manage your home’s light and temperature, but also over some things you might not have considered.

With motorization, you can simulate a home presence when you’re gone (discouraging thieves), create ambiance on-demand (and without interrupting your activities to fuss with the windows), and even replace your alarm clock by letting the sun’s light wake you, instead of a harsh klaxon or shouting disc jockey jerk you from slumber.

You can also “cut the cord,” so to speak. Motorized window treatments are cordless, so you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to keeping your children and pets safe.

If you’re ready to upgrade from static shades or basic blinds, now’s the time to make your move! Take a moment to schedule a free consultation with your friendly neighborhood window treatment professionals at Made in the Shade, and discover how motorized window treatments can help you beautify your home while saving time, money, and frustration.