Soft Window Treatments: From traditional to casual chic, they are still “in”

Hey all, how about this weather, right? Anyway, while you stand and look out your window wishing for better weather, you may start to think about your window treatments. Well, at least I do.

Soft Window Treatments in today’s world

Curtains and draperies are not just for “old-fashioned” looks anymore. The choices are endless with these versatile and classy window treatments. Add a valance or leave the rod exposed. Both create a different style!

Here is one example how the mixture of roman shades and curtains with a subtle print can sharpen up a room without looking stuffy or outdated.

Pro tip:

Adding mirrors is a “casual chic” decision for decorating in this bedroom. The mix of the antique looking mirror, soft headboard and crochet bedspread with a couple modern pieces of furniture (the bedside table and lamps) pulls this look together. You can do this in any room!

Drapes or curtains are so tricky to install

Many people think of the above statement when considering drapes or curtains along with the valances. That is where we come in! We take the measurements and offer professional installation – so no worries there!

Where is the curtain rod placed? – Solutions for small windows or low light areas

We also have amazing solutions for smaller windows and darker rooms using soft treatments. A popular choice when dealing with windows that are too small or one is wanting to capture all the light a window may offer is hanging the rod outside of the trim. The photo below shows that the curtain rod has been mounted well past the window trim. The trick is that when the curtain is open it reveals more of the window and gives the illusion that the window is bigger. It also allows more light to come in.

Pro Tip:

The drapes use a sleek, clean design to compliment the style of the room and the feel that the homeowner was looking for. Mix drapes with a contrasting color wood blinds (faux or real). This looks pulls some of the colors from the accessories and furniture together with your window treatments. Doesn’t this room look inviting?

Now, see how different the room looks and feels when soft blue roman shades are used instead!

Drapery is not just for living rooms or bedrooms

This last solution is one we are very excited about. Drapery or curtains in the bathroom. Yes the bathroom. See below for a stunning example!

Make your spa tub even more cozy and relaxing with a softly draping treatment. With an exposed curtain rod, it makes the room clean and simple. Paired with a roman shade treatment, the look is alluring and dimensional. This can be accomplished even if your home is not new or recently remodeled.

Pro Tip:

If you are thinking of having your bathroom redone and are considering this look, make sure to tell your contractor that you are thinking of a soft window treatment in the window and near the spa tub. They can make sure that there is proper preparation, which will make for less possible hassles later on!

Remember, we can solve any design issue you may be having with your window treatments!

Well, that is all for now! Hope to see you soon for a Free in-home consultation!