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Shades & Draperies for Better Sleep? Yes!


We all know we need sleep. Some of you may find yourself saying “I wish I could get more sleep but I can’t seem to.” The scary thing about these statements is that sleep deprivation has been linked to some serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and depression to name a few. It even has something to do with us craving fatty, fried foods! YIKES! Keep reading for info on drapes, blinds and shades that can help!

Among the suggestions for getting more restorative sleep is darkening your bedroom – and we can help you with that! According to many sleep studies, darkening your bedroom can help keep your brain stay on target with sleep and wake cues that everyone’s brain runs on. “Light and darkness are powerful cues that tell your body it’s time to rest, or get you ready for a productive day. So it’s no surprise that light in the bedroom (as well as light peeking in from outside) has an impact on the quality of your sleep.” (National Sleep Foundation 2016). They go on to suggest that any light before you are ready to wake up is disruptive to your sleep pattern. This not only goes for your eyes. Your skin has light receptors that channel messages to the brain, wow, right? So if your skin feels any kind of light before you are ready to wake up, this will also disrupt your sleep. Why not try it? It is an investment that you will definitely get a return on. More sleep, better health. Here are just a few of the most important benefits of good night’s rest.
• Improved mental acuity & memory
• Boosted metabolism
• Boosted immune system
• Decreased inflammation
• Stabilized hormones

So, how to get your bedroom completely blacked out?

Invite us to your home and we’ll show you an amazing array of choices. Room darkening does not have to be unsightly as many may first assume. Our many designs have tons of choices for everyone’s taste and budget. We have some great designs with fashion and flair and they still get the job done! Our draperies and “black out” shades are great but if you really want to capitalize on the good sleep you’ll be getting, try roller shades! They eliminate any traces of light when used.

Here are some more benefits to using roller shades!

• They give your rooms a tailored, finished look like no other window treatment can.
• Energy efficient
• Easy to clean
• Shades roll up tight to maximize view
• Child safety control options

Bonus tips!

  • When you’re ready to begin the day, exposing your body to the sun will not only help alert the brain and set you in motion, it will also help you sleep later on.
  • Sleep experts also suggest all of the above for children and even infants!

Here are some links to help you start shopping for better sleep!

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