Mount Up! 3 Reasons to Use Outside Mounts

One of the most important choices you’ll make when you’re considering a window treatment is outside or inside mounts. The clean and seamless look provided by inside mounts—which are, as the name implied, made to fit inside the dimensions of the window frame—is perfect if you’re keen to keep the focus on your decorative trim or keep a low profile for your window treatments. But inside mounts also (usually) require a minimum depth, and might not quite capture the look you’re after. In those instances, and others, outside mounts offer you a little more flexibility.

Not sure if outside mounts are right for you? Check out these three scenarios where outside mounts can make your window treatments shine.

Keeping Things Dark ‘n’ Dreamy

Maybe you’ve got a media room or home office. Maybe you work an odd shift, or just want to keep your bedroom as dark and cool as possible for a great night’s sleep. Choosing outside mounts can help provide greater coverage by allowing you to mount your blinds, shades, or shutters outside the frame. Blackout solar shades measured and installed to fit beyond the borders of your window frame, for example, can give you a clean, shades-only look that still provides substantial blackout coverage.

That said, for optimal blackout coverage and utility, your best bet might be a combination of inside and outside mounts. An inside-mount Roman Shade combined with outside-mount drapes and a cornice can give you light blockage and privacy when used together, while the shade by itself can allow for natural light while retaining privacy when used alone.

Uniquely Shaped Windows

Every home is unique, and sometimes, you need a knockout window treatment for a window that isn’t exactly…factory issue. Whether your windows are too small, oddly positioned, or simply different sizes, choosing outside mounts can help. Small windows can be made to appear larger with the right treatment hung outside the frame, and even if your windows are placed unevenly or have different dimensions, you can create a uniform look by choosing the same shade for every window in a matching size.

French doors are another place where size might become an issue. Interior mounts may not always work with these airy portals, as they’re often installed with minimal interior frame space. Consider vertical blinds with a fairly narrow slat for French doors, as they can be used to provide privacy and light but are still easily drawn aside to allow access for folks coming through.

Get the Layered Look

Choosing outside mounts gives you a great deal of flexibility with regard to materials, style, and dimensions, and you can create some absolutely stellar, showstopper window treatments using them exclusively. But like chocolate and peanut butter or pizza and beer, the two great tastes of inside mount and outside mount treatments taste even better together.

Layering your window treatments can provide not just improved aesthetic appeal, but also greater flexibility and function. As with the Roman shades and drapes in our blackout example, bringing together high-quality, beautiful shades or blinds with outside-mount drapes, shutters, or sheers can create a complex and compelling combination that gives you control over light and privacy while adding beauty to your home.

Ultimately, the right window treatment is the one that best fits your needs. And a good place to start when you’re considering a window treatment with outside mounts is a call or visit to our team – your local window treatment experts. We’ll be able to help you create an exceptional window treatment that’s outside the ordinary but well inside your budget.

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