cellular shades

Keeping the heat in and cool air out

Winter is coming, and keeping the cold air out of your home is no doubt a top priority. Trouble areas such as doors and windows with poor shades or blinds can bring in cold air causing your furnace or heating system to work overtime.

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem: window shades. Whether you opt for wood blinds or go all out for custom blinds, keeping the heat in and the cool air out is made much easier with an investment in the right product.

Here are a couple other unexpected benefits of using special window treatments during these cold winter months.

Wood-Blinds 1Save Money on Utilities

Windows, particularly if you have several large ones throughout your home, can cost you big in terms of heating and cooling bills. Essentially, windows are holes in your wall that are filled with glass. Although contractors work hard to seal them properly, drafts are likely to occur. The right window shades can reduce your utility bills dramatically.


Help Maintains Proper Temperature

Whatever your preferred indoor temperature may be, wood blinds or shades can help you maintain it. They work as a barrier, and in the case of our custom blinds, they work as an extra layer of insulation between the window and the room. This added layer of protection makes it easier to keep your home toasty in the winter months.

Why Choosing the Right Blinds Matters

No two windows are alike, which is why those who are truly concerned about keeping the cold air out opt for custom blinds for their home. Correctly fitted blinds are better able to stop cold air from penetrating your home. Wood blinds and shades can equally provide the coverage you need. The key is to purchase quality products that are designed for your home and room. Doing so will save you money and keep your home the temperature you prefer all year round.

Call Meysoon today for your free in-home consultation and you’ll see just how much you can save on utilities with our custom and wood blinds!