chicago layered-shades


Referred to as zebra or transitional shades, layered shades are some of the most uncommon window treatments available today. We can call them a “hybrid” of the bands you see on blinds and fabric roller shades. Try to picture a room darkening or light filtering, easy style at your fingertips! Why try to picture them when you can get a hands-on look at them in your home?

You can adjust these shades by either rolling them down to get complete coverage of your window or you may change the light filtering by adjusting them slightly letting the light shine in! If you were to want full light, simply roll them up all the way. These shades fit perfectly in a cassette valance that matches the shade.
They come in roller shades too!


Roller shades are the up and coming window treatments right now. Their popularity is only growing. They offer incredible flexibility and they even come in motorized option! With motorization, you can change the look and light with the touch of a button no matter where your shade is located!
When you call us, ask about Graber Mezzanine Layered Shades. We will bring bold, beautiful, stylish fabrics that will upgrade the look of any room. Layered shades are just one of many of our new products that are a must-see!
Distinguish yourself from your neighbors and try these amazing shades! They are so unique and have flexibility. What more could you ask for?

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