Enjoy Fun in the Sun with Solar Shades

Warm temperatures and abundant sunshine make enjoying summer in Chicago easy. And when you’re entertaining at home and want to take the party outdoors, you can make sure everyone is cool, comfortable, and able to enjoy the day in style with a little help from your window treatments.

Now, you probably already know that the right blend of window treatments can help you save money, keep your home comfortable, and add some panache and glamour to your decor interior. But did you know you can also get these benefits on your patio, deck, or porch?

Playing it Cool: Solar Shades

We all love to enjoy a warm summer day, but even the most dedicated sunbather likes a little respite from the searing sunshine once in awhile. When you install solar shades on the windows of your outdoor living space, you gain several benefits right out of the gate:

  • Solar shades keep you cooler. In addition to blocking both sunlight and the damaging UV rays it carries, solar screens can keep you significantly cooler. In fact, according to the United States Department of Energy, proper shading can cool an areaby as much as twenty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Add beauty and convenience to your outdoor spaces. Available in a wide array of colors and materials, outdoor solar shades are designed to resist fading, weathering, mildew, and general wear-and-tear while still looking great year after year. And like interior window treatments, they can be motorized for one-touch convenience or used with solar sensors to allow for automated light and temperature control year ’round.
  • Enjoy a glare-free view, all day long. Solar shades can be installed on both the ceiling and walls of a patio or sun porch to allow you to enjoy the breeze and the beauty of the surrounding views without having to worry about an eyeful of glare. And, better still, they can be adjusted as the sun travels during the day to allow for continuous comfort.
  • They help protect your interior spaces, too. Alone or in tandem with your interior window treatments, solar shades can help keep your home cool during the summer by preventing passive heat gain (saving you money on your energy bills) and also provide additional privacy.

Beyond the Patio

Of course, solar shades aren’t just for patios or homes. They can also provide outstanding cooling and shade for everything from a backyard gazebo to the rooftop deck of a trendy restaurant. Got a pool? Solar shades make it easy to transform your deck into a shady, waterside retreat from the sun.

Wherever you choose to install your solar shades, the first step is getting in touch with your local window treatment experts. Scheduling a quick consultation will give them a chance to evaluate your home or business, discuss your options, and make professional recommendations that will fit both your style and your budget. With a little time and effort, you can be well on your way to making your patio, deck, porch, or pavilion the coolest place to be this summer.